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SAFETY COMES 1st...No matter how much money you save...Nothing is worth getting hurt!!!

Homeowners have been doing DIY projects for years to help save money and the pride of having done it themselves.   Even the most skilled DIY homeowners started out with small projects and worked their way up to more complex projects,(including me), as they built up their knowledge, skills, tools and confidence.   If your new to DIY projects or are an accomplished DIY'er you may still find yourself on a project that either needs an additional hand and/or knowledge, skills, tools or confidence that you don't currently have.   Whatever your level of DIY experience is, I strongly suggest you adopt TIP # 1

TIP # 1

Learn how to ASK questions...Sounds simple...right?   The truth is most people have never been taught the formula for "How to ASK questions".  It is a simple can memorize it...print it out and follow will still take you a lifetime to  MASTER  it.   Tip # 2 applies to EVERY walk of life !!!   Here it is....

  1. Ask the right question
  2. Of the right person
  3. In the right way​​
  4. At the right time
  5. When you get the RIGHT answer...You'll KNOW your GUT.  
  6. If your GUT says anything other than "THAT's  IT !!!"​...Go back to step 1  

With the advent of the Internet, Google and You Tube there is a never ending supply of information available.  Remember TIP's 1 & 2.  They BOTH still apply.

When you contemplate Tip # will grow to realize and is the essence of the human experience.(See   Matthew 7: 7-8)     

TIP # 2

TIP # 3

This Old House - You Tube

Google and You Tube are your friends...and...TIP's 1 & 2 still apply...even when using the Internet.

Here are just a few sites to get you started...Happy Hunting!!!

Welcome to Lowes How to Videos! - You Tube