New fence project in Coppell

Mary:  I love my new fence and backyard!!!  The old fence needed to come down and I was afraid to tackle it by myself but Steve did a great job and made the process painless.

Room Addition in Killeen, TX.

Sharon:  This is by far my most ambitious DIY project yet and I wouldn't have tackled it if Steve wasn't here to help and teach me the tricks of the trade.  The best part is I am saving money by doing it myself and I am able to do it at my own pace and get it exactly the way I want it.  We are about 50% complete right now.

Rich :  I've had Steve help with with several DIY projects and have had great results.  It saved me money and I learned a lot along the way.   I did some of this myself, but I needed an extra hand and in the areas that I was not quiet sure of how to do it, Steve either did it for me or showed me how to do it and worked right along side of me.

Cassie:  What an improvement.  All the drafts are gone now and we have sound proofing from the park next door.   

Sharon:  I watched Steve add a 4th bedroom to the house across the street and asked him to help me do the same for my house.  I helped all along the way and it added value to my house at 1/2 the cost and when we got ready to sell...the new room became our best selling feature.

BEFORE pictures of fence project in Coppell

Mary:  Steve did such a great job on my fence that I decided to take on my biggest DIY project of all...a new sunroom.  It has totally transformed my living space, both inside and outside  and the inside of my house feels twice as big now.

LeRoy:   I wanted an 8 foot fence that would block the view from the alleyway. Steve worked with me to get the City of Coppell permits and HOA approvals necessary and designed exactly the style of fence I wanted.   We worked together to complete it, including using his truck and tools.  Between the tools I already had and what Steve brought to the project, the only thing I had to rent was a post hole augur from Home Depot for 1/2 a day and we picked it up using his truck.

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Sunroom addition project in Coppell

AFTER pictures of fence project in Coppell